A Day-of Coordinator: Any Bride’s Saving Grace

For a bride who already knows what she wants and has her venue and vendors booked, hire a day-of coordinator to ensure all your i’s are dotted, t’s are crossed, and your wedding is executed to perfection. Why stress out about every single little detail on the day of your wedding when you should be enjoying time with your family, friends and loved ones? Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience. Don’t let logistics and timelines distract you from such a momentous occasion.

We would like to introduce you to Jasmine Smith, owner of Just For the Day. She will be speaking at the DIY Wedding Conference and leading a Wedding Planning 101 session along with a wedding planning workshop for couples and wedding party members. We sat down with Jasmine to hear more about day of wedding coordination - the perfect option for a DIY bride.


About Just For The Day:

Our day-of wedding coordination service is perfect for the couple who has planned their entire wedding but needs someone to answer questions during the planning process and most importantly, to oversee the wedding day. On the day-of, we collaborate with the vendors, address any unexpected events, ensure guests are comfortable, and tend to the bridal party - we pull it all together. Want to see some of what we do? Check out our video!

1. Tell us about Just for the Day and how you got into being a day of coordinator?

Just For The Day is a day-of wedding coordinating company. We work with do-it-yourself couples who plan their own weddings but need someone to bounce ideas off of and ask questions to during the planning process and to manage the wedding day. One thing that’s unique about my service is that I really am there to pull the wedding together but in a way that fits the vision of the couple so I don’t change these according to how I think they should be done.  I advise when I’m asked but my goal is to make sure the wedding day goes according to the couple’s plan.

About 9 years ago, I was asked by a close family friend to run the show on the wedding day and I’ve been doing it ever since.

2. How is a wedding planner different from a day of coordinator?

Wedding planners are much more involved in the planning details of the wedding.  They work alongside the couple during the entire planning process and help them find and secure each of the wedding vendors in addition to managing the wedding day.  Day-of coordinators tend to focus just on the details and events for the wedding day. The difference really lies in the couple and their needs – are you able to and do you want to plan your own wedding and hire someone to takeover on the day or do you want to relinquish the wedding planning over to a professional?

3. Top tip for a DIY bride?

Hire a day-of coordinator for your wedding so that you can enjoy all of the fruits of your wedding planning labor. Enjoy being a bride and let someone else worry about the day.

4. What is one thing you recommend brides splurge on for their wedding?

I say splurge on the one thing that you love the most. I once had a bride who was a huge foodie so for her wedding, she had a huge spread during cocktail hour that included a dim sum buffet, an amazing dinner buffet that included south Asian and soul food. She topped the night off with a pretzel station and a coffee and cappuccino bar. She invested more in her food and went a very simple but still nice décor.

5. Is there a certain style/ theme of weddings that you love planning most?

I love working weddings whose style and theme reflect the couple.  Not so much quirky or rustic, but those personal touches that are added to the décor and the vows.  Those are the weddings that make my eyes water.

In your wedding planning process, evaluate your needs and amount of time you and your fiance can dedicate to your wedding. This will help you decide whether a day-of coordinator or wedding planner is right for you. Regardless of what you choose, hiring someone to deal with your vendors, guests, servers, etc. will always be beneficial. Have a professional with the experience to handle last minute emergencies. Sometimes brides want relatives to act as day-of coordinators to save money. But that relative may get easily distracted with family interactions or become emotionally involved if altercations arise. An outside coordinator will ensure all your friends and relatives have a good time like you are. That’s their job!

Want to get the 101 on how to plan your dream DIY wedding? Sweet Thymes is hosting the DIY Wedding Conference in Washington, DC on November 15th. Join us for a day of panning, DIY and fun!