5 DIY Wedding Items You Can Make If You Are Not Crafty

Do It Yourself not only is fun, but it also helps couples on budget for their big day. Even if you are not on a budget, DIY crafts can add details and a personal touch to your wedding. Here are a few DIY Wedding items you can make - even if you’re not a crafter.

1   Party Favors

Party favor costs can add up quickly, so why not DIY your party favors and share a bit of your personality with your guests. Try making a small succulent holder (we love this tutorial by Weddings By Lilly) either out of vintage wood or even home baked clay and plant a tiny succulent to remind your guest that love is continually growing.

2   Alternative Centerpieces

Try your hand at a creative and thoughtful centerpieces. Create this simple and whimsical travel themed table centerpiece that is a cost conscious alternative to flowers. Take an old globe and repurpose it with colorful paint and gold lettering. The couples can mark the places they have been or plan to go. Make it an interactive centerpiece and have guests can mark their favorite places that the newlyweds should travel. Decor Daydreams has a great step by step tutorial.

3 Table Numbers/Escort Cards

Use these adorable glitter dipped feathers on table numbers or escort cards. Dip a white feather in colored glitter or use mixed plumage to bring in the ethereal element of lovebirds. Feathers can be bought in bulk and hand dipped. This is a fun activity that wedding party members can do together. The feathers can also act as a keepsake when compiling a scrapbook. Green Wedding Shoes has a step by step tutorial and shows you also how to create a feather banner.

4  Utensils

If the budget is tight, one place to save is on utensils. Instead of renting or buying them, try thrift shopping and dip dying utensils in paint to add a colorful element to the table setting. Against a white plate the color adds a personal touch and could double as a guest favor. Who doesn’t love the Simple Kind of Life modern take on utensils tutorial?


5  Modern Rice Toss

While rice is the tried and true toss item, try doing a DIY confetti bar, or build your own toss item for guests to interact before the ceremony. Lavender adds a provincial feel, or lovers of the outdoors will find bird seed or plant seed is a fun, eco friendly option. Take a modern approach to the traditional ride toss. Try out this Wedding Bee lavendar DIY toss.  

Incorporate your personality and details into your wedding with these fun (and innovative) do it yourself wedding crafts. Want to learn more about DIY? Sweet Thymes is hosting the DIY Wedding Conference in Washington, DC on November 15th. Join us for a day of panning, DIY and fun. Happy Crafting!