So You Want to DIY Your Wedding? Tips to get started.

Planning your own wedding can be exhilarating, but having the know how to put on a gorgeous event takes a few tips and tricks. That is where we come in, as savvy DIYers at Sweet Thymes we will give you the inside scoop. DIY is not only about saving money, an equally important part is using your creative talents to bring your personality into every aspect of your wedding.

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Choosing What to DIY: Start with your timeline and guest list. This will determine how much time you can dedicate to planning your own wedding. The guest list will help to determine your budget and how many DIY projects you want to take on. If the wedding is small you likely can manage more on your own or delegate to bridesmaids. If you want a large wedding, consider consulting a wedding planner early on in the process to keep you on track and budget the right amount of time to complete the DIY details that matter to you most.

Photo courtesy of The Loft at 600 F

Wedding Planning: Planning your wedding should be enjoyable whether you want to plan then entire wedding yourself or focus on a few personalized details like invitations or decor. If you want to plan it all, opt for a day of or month of coordinator to help you with last minute details and manage the wedding day events. Remember you are the star of this day and don’t want to be stressed out directing the caterer or photographer. If you are not a fan of details and organization but love to design and DIY, hire a full or part time wedding planner to handle the planning and work with them to incorporate your vision.    

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Floral Design DIY: Designing your own floral arrangements is a fun DIY project that can also cut costs. Choose a simple centerpiece that you and your bridesmaids can recreate yourself to save on your budget. We recommend you have the bridal bouquet made by a local florist, the bouquet is what will be in the majority of the wedding pictures and is the best place to splurge on flowers.

DIY Crafts: Decor and design is for many the most fun part of planning your big day. Start with your theme and mapping out possible design projects. If you are on a budget, pay attention to how much materials costs and how much time it will take to create your vision. Always give yourself extra time on DIY crafts and start on them early.

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Utilize the Bridal Party: Designing favors and table top decor is fun, but it can also be time consuming if you are creating 200 of them. Enlist the wedding party to get together and work on DIY items. This is a great way to spend some quality time with the ones you love and give you a lift from overwhelming projects.

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While DIY can be cost effective and add a personal touch, a bride must know where her limitations are and how many DIY projects can be accomplished. Stay sane by picking the details that matters to you most. When choosing what to DIY, evaluate what will save your budget, what you enjoy doing, and what you realistically have time for. These tips and tricks will help you get started on planning your dream wedding.

Want to get the 101 on how to plan your dream DIY wedding? Sweet Thymes is hosted the DIY Wedding Conference on Nov 15th in Washington, DC. Check out the blog for top DIY tips.