Spring is Here: Casual Mint Julep Evening.

Spring has arrived and the party planner in me instantly wants to host a spring party full of mini bites and craft cocktails. Now that the weather is warmer, it is time to refresh our recipe books and bring out bright spring flavors.

This week we tried our hands at the classic Mint Julep with a California twist. My first stop for any recipe will always be Martha Stewart. I followed her classic Mint Julep recipe and instead of using lemon I added lime, as any California girl would do. Tangy, sweet and refreshing, a lime-julep was the perfect way to welcome spring.


Any evening is not complete with appetizers. My latest obsession with goat cheese mandated a goat cheese crostini. A slice of warm, crunchy french bread, a dab of fig jam, dollop of goat cheese and a slice of Genoa salami. Perfection!


Get your spring started with some tangy cocktails and crunchy bites!